Languages as passion! My decision for my job as translator:

My education in two languages – Spanish and German – and the fact of having started a third language in my childhood – English – were relevant factors for getting started in studying foreign languages. The possibility to communicate with people from different countries and read texts in their original version aroused my passion for languages which was a decisive factor in my life to choose a profession in which languages are the main tool.

Important in my work is that translated texts do not loose the sense, effect and intention of the original one.

For me, to translate is far more than the mere transcription…

I was born in Germany and grew up in Spain. My biligual education gives me the chance to know well both cultures – mentality, customs, traditions…

I studied in Berlin and Barcelona (certificate translator) and before deciding to start an independent activity, I worked as a translator and project manager for companies located in Spain and Germany.

All translations into English are taken over by co-operators (native American or British). I translate from German to Spanish and viceversa and from English to Spanish and German.

One of the most important points for me are reliability, quality and a good collaboration with clients. It is important that I am satisfied with the result of the work, this way I make sure that clients receive an accurate translation and a professional service.

I do not take translations of all sectors. Before accepting the job for translating any text, I go through it thoroughly. After reading it I decide whether I have enough good knowledge or I should look for another professional translator. In this way I make sure that clients always get a high-quality. It doesn’t make any sense to forward a translation that could lead to confusion or misunderstandings.

For me, to translate is far more than the bare transcription of words from one language to another. The translated text should be for the reader the same as reading the original, same style, same sense, etc…