Organisation of fairs and events

You like to present your products at the ITB (International Tourism Fair) in Berlin but you do not have the contact person who helps you with all necessary arrangements such as: choose the right stand, exhibitors, quotation request, suitable accommodation, research of information of the fair, etc.

Preliminary arrangement for fairs and events

To take part in a fair or event is one of the most important means of communication in relation to “B-toB”.

There are several aspects to consider before choosing a fair or event. With the support of a preliminary survey containing all aspects and targets, we can help you with the research, selection and organisation of the most relevant fair for your purposes.

If you have already chosen an important fair for the presentation and distribution of your products and/or services, we can forward to you a report containing the most relevant criteria to be considered to achieve your aim and support you with the organisation.

Why are fairs so important?, What advantages do they offer?, Which fair is the most suitable for my project? A good selection can open you new doors!

Have you already been to a fair? You know exactly all the previous work to get started and to avoid surprises, but you do not have the time to deal with all these tasks and would like to have some support for collecting the information required before filling in the registration form, such as: quotations of stands, exhibitors, products, design of the stand, flights, means of transports, accommodation, relevant information about the area the fair is taking place, access to the fairground from your accommodation, etc.

Find out new products on the market, establish new contacts, discover markets from countries abroad!

Organisation of fairs and events

Once you have decided to visit a fair we help you with the organization of your flight and forward to you relevant information such as: suitable flights, entrance categories during the days of your stay, accommodation available, access and means of transport to the fairground from your accommodation, make appointments with other exhibitors, etc.

The more is planed and organized in advance, the more expenses can be saved. Our experience has shown us, that a good planned fair visit save unnecessary costs and a lot of time. Do not wait until the last minute and organise your visit with enough time in advance – do not leave your fair visit to chance – the more is organised prior to your visit, more time you will have to concentrate yourself fully on the purpose of your visit and achieve a successful performance.

Fair and events research

Do you have a clue of the most important fairs and events in your branch? Not only the most popular fairs are important; there might be also some smaller fairs that could be relevant for the distribution of your products, improve your business results, establish new contacts… all depends on your future purposes.

Let us know about your products or services. We will select the most important fairs and events in your country and abroad for your branch, forwarding you full information on each fair and event.