Translation and localization in German, Spanish and English

Conquer new markets!

The importance of the Internet in the whole world increases with every day that goes by. The Internet moves the world closer to a perfect market with no distances offering new opportunities to conquer new markets.

Therefore a website in different languages is going to achieve a better listing in the Internet and what is more, it is visited by more potential customers all over the world. People use to write their search keywords* for services, products or any other subject they might be looking for in their own language. They might be interested in your services, but do not find them. Just imagine having a website in different languages and what it could achieve for your purposes!
International contacts, knowledge of markets and specific features of different countries etc. are essential to get started in new markets.

Your presentation in different languages

Your customized presentation with a single click in different languages.

Translations and Localization of your website, software, texts, brochures into Spanish, German and English

Our team is specialized in “translations and localization” for Spanish, English and German. As native translators and with many years of experience with translations and localization we offer professional translations into different languages and the localization of your website, texts and software, particularly for the Spanish, South American and German market.

Translations of your website, software, texts, brochures…

The importance of a website in several languages: With a website in different languages, such as Spanish, you open international markets and reach therefore new potential customers worldwide.

Our Translation service includes the optimization of the contents of your website for the Internet. This is particularly important for the search engines in the Internet. By optimizing the contents, your website achieves a better position and therefore it is easily found.

Localization of your website and texts

What does the term “localization of a website” refer to?

The localization is more than a translation. With the localization the cultural and ethnic circumstances as well as linguistic peculiarities of the respective countries are considered.

There are many terms which have a completely different meaning in countries, where the same language is spoken. To adjust contents to these linguistic niceties, texts are not simply translated but also localized.

Spanish spoken in Spain is not the same as Spanish spoken in South America, as British English is not the same as American English, and the German has also its particularities depending on the country where it is spoken. Learn more under localization.

With our services we can help you to succeed with all your projects in new markets all over the world.

Presentations in PowerPoint in several languages

Our services also include the creation of your presentation and its translation into several languages adjusted to the corporate design of your company and considering the product to be presented and aim markets it is addressed to.

For your queries please send us an e-mail to or use our contact form. We will send you a quotation as soon as we receive your request. Please attach always the text to be translated or indicate the URL of the website.