Localization of websites, texts by native translators

“Bus” can sound so differently!

What is a “guaga”?

On the Canary Islands and in different South American countries this term is used for “bus”. While in mostly all regions in Spain you will hear “bus” or “autobus”, in Argentina, for example, they use the term “colectivo”, which is used in Spain for “collective” and would never be related to “bus”.

“That’s Greek to me” is used in other languages with different nationalities.

In German “Das kommt mir spanisch vor” (That’s Spanish to me) and in Spanish “Esto me suena a chino” (That’s Chinese to me).

Localization of your website, software, texts, brochures… in Spanish, German and English

Localization is more than a translation!

Every foreign culture has its own linguistic particularity. English, seems to be English, but there are quite a lot of differences between British English and American English. This happens almost with all the same languages spoken in different countries. So one might think that Spanish spoken in Spain is the same as the Spanish spoken in South America, but there are relevant differences between both.

While in British English one would talk about “lorry” an American would use “truck”. While Spaniards would just nod if you ask for “cojo el periódico para leer” a South American would grins ironically.

The importance of localization!

The localization of texts is always more than the translation from one language into another one. The localization is the transcription of the content considering the language particularities and cultural diversity of each region. Did you know, for example, that Mitsubishi had to change the name of its off-road vehicle which appeared at first under the name ‘Pajero’ into “Montero” on South American and Spanish markets? The reason is obvious!

Our services include the localization of websites, software, all kinds of texts, presentations and brochures in different languages, specially into Spanish, German and English. We rewrite your texts regarding the particularities of each language and market target group it is addressed to.

We also offer our localization correction service including proof-reading of your texts and forwarding to you our suggestions.