Ofimatic applications: All data at once with a database!

Time is precious

You will save time and manage all data of your clients in just only few seconds having the support of a database designed specially for your requirements.

It has happened at times…

While being on the phone…. We need the information of a contact, look for the agenda, look for the information of the contact… And we have already lost some minutes searching for the information.

But such situations can be avoided!

If we keep our database updated we will be able to get the data we are looking for just in few seconds and at any time. We do not need anymore to type the e-mail address or dial the telephone number of our contacts. The data base software is going to do that for us, we have only to click on the right link for any task.

Ofimatic applications for the organazation and management of data…

What are ofimatic applications? Under this term we understand all computer tools and applications, both, hardware and software, used in an office environment as for example for the administration, management and planning of data. Very often it is associated with Office-Suites of Mircrosoft Office or OpenOffice although these programmes offer the basic principles of “ofimatic applications”.

Design of databases for your business...

The administration and management of customer’s information, such as general data, invoicing, quotations, product description is a very delicate and complex task to deal with, but using all possibilities of the available programmes for example combining Access and Excel in connection with Word and others will simplify the process considerably.

With a database designed specially for your business you will be able to create any report with the information you need to analyze, such us reports on the monthly and annual purchase, comparisons between the different years, volume of purchase od different months of the year, etc…

Keep track of your clients! With the personalized reports you will always have a good view of the current situation of the market, the frequency of clients contacting your business and what is more important, the trend. You will always be in time of taking the right step.

Customized ofimatic applications: data bases in Excel and Access

BeInterconnected programmes for you customized ofimatic applications for your office. No matter if you need an application for the administration of employees or /and the customer data, we offer ofimatic applications customized according to your requirements and with your own corporate design. With the support of our ofimatic applications all your data can be entered easily using the entry masks designed for each available tool and are processed automatically.

We also provide further ofimatic applications. We help you to structure and adjust your spread sheet for complex calculations, charts, presentations or serial letters.

All programmes by BeInterconnected can be extended furthermore in future according to your changes or new tools that are required.