Proofreading and optimization

Main differences:

Proofreading relates to the correction of typing, grammar, stylistic errors of texts. while the optimization, specially in connection with the Internet is contemplating more the guidelines established by the most popular search engines.

Proofreading and optimization of applications, websites and texts in Spanish, German and English

Would you like to apply for a job in Spain or Germany? Important is that your application is written and also optimized in the language of the aim country. A typing, grammar or spelling error can creep in and be overlooked easily. But this leaves a bad impression, though. To avoid this, We offer you our services “proofreading and optimization” in Spanish, German and English.

Websites are worldwide accessible and therefore also the contents

Your texts, websites, presentations are checked for spelling, punctuation and grammar. You also receive suggestions for the optimization of the contents of your texts specially for the Internet.

We optimize the content of your website, texts, application and presentations in Spanish, German and English and rewrite passages if necessary.

With an optimized content in accordance to your product and services your website is going to achieve a better position.