Translations and Localization of your website, software, texts…

in German, Spanish and English!

Choosing the right term!

It might sound the same when listening to Spanish, or reading articles. But there are relevant differences between the Spanish language spoken in Spain and Spanish spoken in South America.

It is more, there are terms that can be misunderstood and have an absolute different meaning and at times embarrassing situations can happen.

As an example, let’s take the term to take in Spanish. The word “coger” in Spain is a common daily used word, but in South America it has a slippery meaning and it could result in a “compromising” translation.

This is just one example. There are a lot more of such terms. Learn more under localization.

Translations of your website, texts, software and brochures in Spanish, German and English

Translations are more than just the transcription of words into a foreign language. It is the art to translate the content of a document from one language into another appropriately according to the sense and without missing important features.

We offer you our translation service for the translation of your website, texts, software, presentations, brochures, catalogs… into three languages, Spanish, German and English. Translations into other languages like Polish, Greek, French are taken over by our native co-translators.

Our translation service for “website” includes also the optimization of the contents for search engines in the Internet in order to achieve the best possible position of your website in the Internet. The more your website is found, the more visitors read your web pages. Therefore, we also pay special attention to the localization and optimization.

We also offer you the integration of the content of your website in a CMS (Content Management System), if available.

For further details, send us an e-mail to or through our contact form. We will send you a quotation as soon as we receive your request. Please attach always the text to be translated or indicate the URL of the website.

Correspondence service – your clients and partners abroad!

Do you need support with your correspondence? We deal for you with all e-mails and letters you might receive in foreign languages.

Would you like to establish new contacts abroad? We can help you to establish new contacts and deal with your e-mails in other languages following your instructions.


As mentioned under “localization”, there are relevant differences between the same languages spoken in several countries. Same words are used but the different meaning can be surprising, and the result at times embarrassing. Learn more under localization and how a company launched a car on the Spanish and South American market under a more than embarrassing name. Obviously it was changed after realizing the meaning.